Angående skadeglädje

mars 16, 2009

Den här bloggen är givetvis inte så småsint att dess skribenter kommer sitta och jubla över Latinamerikas framtida misslyckanden bara för sakens skull. Att Venezuela och andra länder som satsar stenhårt på planekonomi och omfördelning av rikedom kommer nå vägs ände och kulminera i fattigdom är i sig ingenting positivt, men för en naiv och verklighetsfrämmande västvänster är det absolut nödvändigt att behöva förklara varför deras ideologi bevisligen inte fungerar i praktiken. De har hittills alltid bortförklarat Sovjetunionen och andra experiment med att det var en falsk form av socialism, och när de nu så tydligt och reservationslöst tar ställning för Chávez och Morales – bland andra – blir det svårare att plocka fram sådana ursäkter när kraschen väl kommer. Det kommer helt enkelt saknas möjlighet att visa referensinlägg där svenska socialister har skrivit och varnat för att något är fel, eftersom några sådana inte existerar. Allt är frid och fröjd, verkar det. Ju tydligare ställningstagande desto svårare att förklara sig i slutänden. Därför är det positivt att vänstern är så entusiastisk över utvecklingen i Latinamerika.

Fortsättning följer.


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  1. Open Letter to Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney about the Economic and Financial Crisis

    Dear friend

    I write to you seeking some advice. I explain my problem. As you know we had a great time since the 80´s when Ronny took the White House…maybe do you remember all the fun we had with the guys, especially Milton, when we planned how to get out all those idiots and get theirs money. The plan was terrific: tell them that anyone could be rich if they let us to become even richer! It was a master move! Since tell them that if we got even more money some will “trickle down to them” and the ”positive growth trend” we created with ”our own money creation approach” for 30 years ago or ”The cash machine” as Milton used to refer it. Oh, Boy what a time!! Great Fun!! I had to recognise that Milton was a genius, R.I.P old boy! What a story!

    Anyway, as you probably had heard some stuff had not been working properly the last year. Some of the guys from “the Street” got high with so much easy money and begun to sell some “insurance” to everyone without a penny in reserve, I think that they called the papers CDS or something like that. They got to idea from some Chinese guy that was working with the probability of a kid get cancer, his parents divorced, his best mate killed and his dog poison in the same time…almost zero. So they used the same arguments to sell a lot of those papers to idiots around the world, now saying that the probability that they papers loose all their value was zero, according to the formula! Great idea!

    Well, the problem was, as you know now, that the prices went down…you know I think the guys had a debt mountain of some trillions and had no a single penny… well , no some money they are prepare to take back from the Cayman islands anyway. So we talk with the guys in Washington and told them that they had to pump up some cash or otherwise the whole enchilada would explode in the front of their face! They believe us again the jackasses!! Incredible! I The guys from D.C. presented no problem as expected, you know that they are good people, decent people…

    No, the problem is that now the idiots from “main street” as we call them now have begin to protest and to ask a lot of questions…Why the government has to support us, where the money is coming from, what about the schools and a lot of shit…I’m completely convinced that the idiots that have nothing more to do and are sitting all the day in front of theirs computer surfing and bloging are part of the problem and I think that we have to address this issue rather sooner than later…we can not permit, after lying hundreds of millions in TV stations , newspapers and other stuff, that some frustrated commies take down all this job! You know, as a security measure we employed only ”people with the right mental disposition” i.e. people that support our agenda (most of them unfortunately are not ”true believers” but only people seeking our gratifications…bonuses they call them now I believe), but the blogers are taking down the charade…

    Even worst is the fact that some jackass are arguing in public that we had to leave the “free market” works! It is quite worrying that there are some idiots out there that still believe all the crap we talked them. We had successfully pumped up theirs brains with some illusions that those jackasses still defend, but now there are others time my friend! We told the idiots about ”free markets” and we talk about something about ”democracy” and ”liberty”… which of course we mean ”liberty of action for us”…as when we talk about ”free markets” we mean of course ” free for us” …As you explain for us for long time ago.I don’t remember exactly how we put the whole charade, cause I had at the time a terrible hangover…Well I can tell you that as we own almost all media it was not difficult to pumping out all this bullshit without any problem… But now we are experience some problems with those ”hard core” people that still is arguing about ”the free market” and other stuff…they are really making a hell for us! They don’t understand that the time for such rubbish is over…We have to stop them before they damage us! This is what happens when you mix idiots with the people that really know what is all about!! I hate those amateurs!

    They are talking a lot of crap: That our guys in Washington don’t need to give us some cash, that the “market” is going to solve the whole thing and other bullshit! Ok, we told them to say that the last 30 years and it was working pretty well until it doesn’t… but those idiots don’t understand the point: it was as long as we got the money…and if we don’t get the cash in this way there is not point in continue with the charade! Now, we have to argue that Uncle Sam has to help us for the benefit of everyone and the nation (of course just help us …not take our money and leave us naked) …but those people, the market “liberals”, are really causing us some problems with their rubbish about the “free market”, the “invisible hand” and other stupidity! I ask you what we can do now. We have certainly shut up those idiots before they damage us seriously and more and more people begin to ask questions!

    For instance, lately the mob had begun to ask about the bonuses! That it was too much money and stuff like that…you know…the problem is that before we could tell them that it was necessary to do a “god job”…you know…but now when every idiot know that we lost control ( and some trillions of dollars) what can we say? We have to be really creative this time! The piece of art will be to explain to the mob why they have to give us their tax money, without requiring anything from us and respecting the sacred “private property” i.e. our property of the banks and in the same time we get our “well deserved share” of this money! It will require a lot of inventive talent and audacity. It is because of that I write to you dear Dick.

    Sincerely yours

    Wolfi (Paul D.Wolfowitz)

    PS: Say Hello to Donald and “Georgi” when you see them!

    PS2: The god news are that last Monday the guys from Washington come with a genial idea how to give us some money without so much questions: they called the giving away for “ Public-private-Investment –Fund” PPIF, I tell you it is a terrific deal. They give us say between 90 and 95 cents for buying something that as most is worth 5-20 cent, but with the face value of 1 dollar. If some idiot pay in the future say 1 dollar and 5 cent, we keep the diff of 10 cent (105-95), this is a 100 % return to our “investment” of 5 cent!! But, here is the magical with the arrangement: if we can not find some jackass that buy the junk paper we have not to pay the 95 cent we “borrow” to buy them in first place!! Genial! All to save the economy!! Hehe. Ohh these boys in Washington are really our people!


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